Sunday, June 5, 2011

What is Real Beauty...??


                          Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
                    Everybody has beauty- just not everybody can see it.

There are thousands of adages on beauty.
What is the definition of Beauty..?? What is it to be beautiful???
Everyday, we are bombarded with lots of advertisements on beauty.  In advertisements, it is always shown that in order to be successful, liked and approved by others, one needs to have external beauty. There is always a misconception in this term.
Beauty is a term that is always interlinked with women. It is very complex to define beauty as it differs from person to person. Does anyone with a model like figure and a pretty Barbie doll face have to be the definition of beauty? 
Some feel innocence is beauty while some say a child's smile is beauty..!! In the celebrity world, many people view beauty as one's physical appearance.

So what is Real Beauty? Beauty is the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind. There is a famous adage in Tamil :
                          அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும்.
which means that the beauty of the mind appears in the face. Beauty is a reflection of our personality and individuality. 

A line from Thirukural:
                          முகத்தின் முதுக்குறைந்தது உண்டோ உவப்பினும்
                         காயினும் தான்முந் துறும்.
Its translation : The feelings of a person is first reflected in their face and it  even precedes the mind.

But to be honest, in the present society, physical beauty  plays a very important role for people.Everybody dreams to be beautiful. It was the Roman Dramatist Plautus who wrote, "A woman without makeup is like food without salt”. 

 These misconceptions on beauty make some people crestfallen. And they tend to apply expensive cosmetics or take operation to obtain the so called man-made beauty. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself beautiful or wanting to feel better about yourself in a society where image is everything, feeling and looking good is important. The question to ask yourself is how far would you go to look perfect? Before you consider something as drastic as cosmetic surgery, make sure you are happy with who you are on the inside, because the outside can change at a moment's notice.
Physical Beauty is never everlasting. That is the magic of time..!! Always remember that beauty inside will not fade away.
  A beautiful woman is a diamond but truthful, honest, trustworthy woman is a treasure. 

Good looking is pleasant while spiritual beauty is more important. The real beauty is reflected in one’s soul, not only depending on appearance. True beauty doesn't need any kind of ornaments. Do not think of yourself inferior or wish to be someone else, instead embrace your personal beauty and be happy. Be proud of yourself. If you cannot find beauty, it is not because beauty does not exist, but because you just close your eyes.
And the next time, you meet any person, never ever judge by their appearances.
It is in your hands to decide whether to be a diamond or treasure..!! 
            Oh Thy...
                        Do not judge by colour of eyes,
                     But judge by innocence in the eyes;
                     Do not judge by lip-stick worn on lips,
                     But judge by truth worn on lips;
                     Do not judge by complexion of hands,
                     But judge by help done by those hands;
                     Do not judge by  golden anklets worn on feet,
                     But judge by brave steps taken by feet; 
                     Do not judge by weight, height or any physical part,
                     But judge by purity of their Heart. 

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Anonymous said...

Very fulfilling and relevant content. Liked it.

Anup said...

Your ideas on beauty are profound. Apt thirukural lines..great to find a girl knowing thirukural verse in this age..this post makes u really beautiful :)

kranjith80 said...

Silenced by the beauty of ur blog..In short of adjectives to define the depth and beauty of your post :)
Wonderful and Amazing, Awesome

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Very nice article.

Thanks for voting for my post on indiblogger.

Push Vs Pull said...

Nailed it.
The poem was indeed touching!

zephyr said...

Very good and relevant post. All the best for the contest :)

Anonymous said...

Wowwwwww....Loved it!
Beauty is not only the external appearance that attracts people..... it is the radiance that comes out of the soul.....the temple of the living God......

Chaitu said...

Hats Off to your wonderful post. It is the best, it is well prepared like a cake with icing.
Your Post undoubtedly makes you beautiful and your blog is extraordinary!
Kudos to you young girl !
Expecting lots of posts from you !!!

Chandru said...

Nice musings on beauty..And have fallen in love with your words !
Simply superb with apt thirukural lines..good ambiance of your blog adds to it !

And the last line whether to be a treasure or diamond is like a final touch up..great work

Anonymous said...

meaningfull article

Sanjeetha Veni said...

@ pennlifenids, Anup,kranjith80 : Thanks :)

Sanjeetha Veni said...

@shri ramesh sadasivam : your article was equally good and thanks for your like :)
@Push Vs Pull : thank you :)
@zephyr : thank you and all the best to you too :)

Sanjeetha Veni said...

@ anonymous users: thank you :)
@ Chaitu: thank you and for your expectations, I will surely fulfill :)
@ Chandru : thanks :)

Vinay said...

Physical beauty fades away..while spiritual beauty remains ...very nice !!
She has the power to create something beautiful out of nothing and destroy what is negative and evil. She has a heart of a child and strength of a jaguar

Very well written post...!!

Gowthami said...

a profound article...well written!

Raj said...

your writing is as beautiful as the word beauty itself....Covered a plethora of areas and very well captured the essence of beauty


Bharath Balakrishnan said...

Beautiful, especially the comparison between the diamond and the treasure chest.

Sanjeetha Veni said...

@ Bharath, Gowthami, Raj : Thank you :)
@ Anshu : you could vote me at
by signing into :)

Anonymous said...

about poem.... absolutely correct...

Sanjeetha Veni said...

@ jayendrasharan : yes..physical appearances are deceptive

Bindu said...

its a beautiful post !

Meera Sundararajan said...

Sanjeeta first time on your blog- I must say that you write very well. You have said it so well - beauty is something that is way beyond the physical. It is an experience that others have of you the person- your laugh, your speech everything....!

Sanjeetha Veni said...

@Bindu : thank you :)
@Meera: Glad that you liked my blog and writing :)
Liked your blog too :)

Deepankar(Gray sky) said...

beautiful post :)

Skin Care said...

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

Beauty is skin deep, that remains to be true, but whether we accept it or condemn it, the society only sees the shallow parts of us- the external beauty.

Everyone is beautiful, that I believe to be true, but it takes time and effort to fulfill and heavy hammering of the self-perception to do. It's not even surgical cosmetics or whatever that distorts your natural physical self that could make you most beautiful, it's the things you can do to boost your appearance in your current state.

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Hina said...

This is a beautiful Post, Beautifully written, Beautiful thought, Beautiful bird, Beautiful cursor, Beauty is all around. Your Post is ssssooooooo Beautiful.

Sanjeetha Veni said...

@hina : thank you:)

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Agree with on every word! I loved Audrey Hepburn's lines...They are so beautiful!! :)

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